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The Messiah's words

Saturday, August 27, 2005


yo hello all bye alll

Sunday, July 17, 2005


Hi all i havent been here in a minute well cf season 2 huh fuck u eiji u bastard well ne wayz well i got my ass kicked in crazy eights it happens well so long serge holla at me we re cool no hard feelings but ill give a doller to every man who snuffs ed any ppls interested???? no well then so back on subject season 2 China town Fair woo hoo thats gonna be fun but all the peoples who chilled need to continue come back 2 cf its calling you drama needs u it feeds off u and fuck james he knows why so ill holla one all

Wednesday, December 29, 2004


Yall all read this right now read it again if didnt if did read it again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

hmm, Michael Dicks supposly the bad guy
Michael Leon, The Real question is who are you? Are you a friend or are you a silent user?do i look like ne of the chicks at CF????????????? You strive to hurt me and slowly sneak up your ways to hurt me. I try to talk to you about it but it seems you get mad or you always have one of your puppets by your sidehumph really.... But Who am I to say anything? I am shit. I get no females. I am shit, I create shit , and you made me (well umh nevermind..) Well alot of truth comes out when you're drunk and it showed how you really felt. You not a friend, you a parasiteREPEAT A PARASITE. You stick to my skin sucking all the uses out of me until I have no more, you finish me off with Team hood. You may say you are a friend but obviously if you wasn't so selfish, you would realize what you do to hurt others. But hey you Mike Dicks, I have to accept who you are. But when Accept who you are clashes with who I am by trying to change me into you, then there's a problem. I don't want to be you, or ever end up like you because you are who you are. I tried my best to try to read you but I can't. ONly a few people I will die for in cf and that's because I know they will do the same for me. Lol now what are you going to do, threaten my life again with team hood, or you gonna tell me to meet you at cf so you can cheat m eoff? pretend to be my friend, then take something that is mines and sell it for money? At the end, Money is gonna get you all the materials you want What Materials LOOK at your House!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1, but I rather DIE than to let money feed into my heart.

If you put your heart on money and betray your friends for it, at tthe end, the money is gonna shoot you cold- blood in the face. But hey I'm the bad guy around the area. I am the one you can't control much anymore so you try your control on everyone else to make me look bad. You say you help, lol bullshit, I'm just a fucking scapedoll for you to feed off of. Have everyone believe one thing so they can agree with you against one individual?

hmmm, lol you are the super Mario?Ilove fire that comes from the cannibus plant lol come on, Bowser, stop being in disguise. I am trapped here, not him . He dis you and say it meant to make you stronger so now he can do it anytime. That includes when your hearted female is there. Hey I am drunk now (Click clack) that is my excuse. Let's see why is he cool with everyone he knows. Look hard now. It's like a great parasite, target the main system first to get on top. lol I was with Tracy by the help of lloyd, and even Omar. Now knowing Tracy is great friends with Pooja, figure it out. He used that to build who he is, smart man. Even went through Val to try to build his self. The question is, for who or for what? Cf is Cf, not a fucking disco center. There is no need to conquer the shit. It's just CF. Smart man, he gets what he wants, if he doesn't, he trys to make you look bad and say you are shit in different terms.

But hey I am shit, I will stay shit cause I know my purpose. And my purpose is not meant for glory, it's meant for loyalty. You may shit on me, slice my ankles and spit on my face... but I guarantee to you, the day you spit on my face, is the day I no longer will respect you. EVER. I will no longer consider you a ally towards PAin and sorrows, but just a mere parasite. You will dishonor "The Legend and there will be no reason to." You attempted to, but remember this excuse though, I was Drunk. I was Drunk.. yea yea your one shot from christ

hahhahahahahahahahahahahaha VERY FUNNY HUH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But you my friend. THis is who I see you as. ANd what the fuck is all these tests? To be more like you? hahaha I don't need your points, "cool" points cause i don't want to be you. Gonna send Team hood on me now? Yea have them knocking on my door like last time?I wonder when this happened!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! some friend you are.

A = Mike *likes +fucked
B = Steve - tries to stop
C = Swift % uses
D = Eiji # loves
E = tiff
F = Dalia
G = Romero

Well this is the line of use table on why he's really a friend.

A knows B but B * E. A + E and also B + E. A - B so he can get collection from E again.

A * F. C * F. But A is mad about C * F. So A is % to F so A can + F.

A % D. D makes CDs. A * G and G * A. So A & D because he makes Cds when he really # D.

LOl I'm done soon you will be making comments like this!!!!!!!!!

STill my boy. But if you gonna kill me now, hahah go send your druids , over here already, and threaten me again. I don't give a fuck!!!!! Be CAREFULL WHAT YOU WISH FOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Well,To all the people who tried to figure this shit out
FUCK YOU PERIOD you look at this and fomulate cf drama you see this and dont tell me yo i am a parasite yep a damn good 1 too the legend la dengel well well
you thought i let this slide right! wrong! but i wont say much on this drama stimulator i am tired of the fakeness of CF i will smacked any motherfucker who thinks he has the balls to disrespect me, i dont care who u are i dont play no games if u from CF and u see this and dont like!!Do something !!!! I'm good for war lets go! Now i look at my past post wow i was a lame nobody them days is over now let me follow the routine:

Eiji: Cool really got to no him he is very pridefull but he is now my brother

LLyod : Sike yall really thought i was gonna do it huh? find more Drama huh Im real If i have something to say illl say it to you in your face now that saves me 40 names 2 type and shit for the record shout out

1 2 3 megaman 5 6 7 8
Legend,RaulitosTEVE>Lloyd, OJ K Swift
My Boys
but 1 and 4 r not purified to loyalty 1 is litterally but not physically 4 has its moments but i changing gradually to purity
4 is pure at heart but needs to stop assuming and if doesnt soon life of sin will end and life of crisis will begin i may act like an enemie but im not remember who i am

NEmesis L DaCrisis

If i left you out u no if i did im sorry sad 2 say im human u no who u r if u get the the connection when i acknoledge then its you Josie I do Love u 4 the record romero i do love u too my peoples i love you legend i do love you..........................................

but the fakness must cease.............................

legend when u read u call sin

Current mood: predatory

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

2:31AM - lol!!!!!!!!

^I am back but itsall good i cvant wait till this weekend we will chill u no wut im talking about ifyour coooooooooooollll!!! just messiun well ill holla 1

Current mood: sleepy

Monday, October 4, 2004

1:02PM - New Appearence

Yo everbody im Back still the same ol g moving O's 4 Keys but holla sorry i have been gone 4 a while u no it was hard but im back the REAL me no imitatation u no so holla at ya boy lets take a timeout to shout the ladies of Chinatown fair : hey tiffy DALIA missy josie stacy symone vicky sharai and the other 1 so called god marilyn hi
Now 4 my niggas: SHANK ROB OJ ROMERO LEGEND EIJI JAMES K ShockFagBock SWiftBlack Mega MAn Fernando Omar 2 even though i hate him yall all my niggas so holla at me im chillen though on real but


BUT IM LOGIN OFF SO HOLLA AT c yALL AT cf AND MY CUZ IS OUT OF JAIL yessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss


Thursday, June 10, 2004


now i am pissed off at everybody even if i dont no u fukk u u probably did sumthing stupid but newayz now lately i no wut friends need 2 bb fukked up and 4 the record stop rubbing dalia and peter in my face to all i dont care she is her i is me okay people juss want troubles yes i like her it aint that serious damn im probably gonna stay to my self for now on until i get right in the brain i noticed i can be jealous at times not very but can now i noticed friends r not friends really now listen ill beat all these niggas assess if turn on me but NEwayz yo im tired still gotta reformat brain so ill holla 1

Current mood: not myself

Saturday, June 5, 2004

4:48PM - laughin 2 a tear

N E is not in the building no more i realized alot of things lately but its all cool people changing and my self being wierd as hell .ok i no this is CF.com so i aint gonna say all in open but when u read this and u n o wut in talkin bout then..............................................

Once Upon A Time ther wus a kid named sinusifa who never really had an intrest in a girl like that to the point that he really likes the girl
but 1 day he did he actually fallen fast for this girl kinda obsessed with this girl but things r seeming blurry he has a gutt feeling she likes him'; not as much then, but likes him ,and the girl doesnt realize that this guy is the answer to ur past reltionship problems but she is blinded then a mirage of prince charmin cums into literally cums into the picture sike im playing or am I? but newayz thats all i cant write no more

Current mood: sad

Tuesday, June 1, 2004

6:26AM - Lost with No Sign!

ok hi N_E is in the building
Hi to all who no me fukk u to all who hate me
well these raves r fun i mean i like raving and find new things about me everyday, N_e hasn't wrote a flow in ages its like i cant, OJ is gonna kill me its like i cant think and when i do think its like i only think about a certain person, this person is so special in my book its like i really like this person
as a friend and as a lover, its true ,its true ,but still i take everyday slow and wish 1day this person will maybe feel the same i doubt it though i can ever attract a person like that shes pretty and smart 4 me but maybe just maybe but ill holla NeWAYZ

Current mood: confused

Thursday, May 27, 2004

1:28AM - Funny Feelings

Hello Its me mike d of course but listen i have a crush on a girl now usually when u have a crush on a girl its all lust or thoughts of things u wanna do with the certain sum1 but this crush is different now every1 that no's me no how i do with girls no fear holla u no but this 1 girl makes me weak in the knees i mean she all i want in a girl yo its strange cause i never felt like this b4 but i am terrified of her a little lol i want to tell her in which she no's now 4rm random people not mentioning no names MIKE SLIPKNOTLOVER oops i had 2 cough Ne wayz i really like her and listen if u r her and your reading this cause u no who u r im sorry i just cant help it but i hope 1 day durin the future to b your man unlike any of ur x's i will treat u like u deserve but u no im out peace

Friday, May 14, 2004

4:51PM - just chillin

Now im Back In The Building......................................................................WTF is going on Now? Relationships r just crashing? But N E Wayz Its nothing I no the truth behind the math!!!!!!!
Its Almost Summer!!!!!!! People just wanna b free or taste another flavor???? I C now but Tracy N Surge was OD but its none of Bus.,.. but i m chillin i am currently working on some projects along with O J Droppin Hits no wut i mean But im looking 4 a dime to chillu no its The Truth Here young NEO in his Prime Rapin THa Matrix LOL But IM out Cyall AT the Best Place in THE WORLD Chinatown Fair A,.K,.A CF

Kangol i new u were gay lol but u still my homie aight

Friday, April 30, 2004

6:47PM - Pooja

Pooja u just dont know how i feel about u, 4real butt i can respect u got a man but i hear stories of when he doesnt stick up 4 u ppl be touching u on the but sneakily and i dont they should be doing numerous ppl brag oh i touched pooja ass ooohhh its just childish but hey what floats ya boat but i think u need a real man to be there 4 u i have respect 4 sisqo but sisqo if u readin this listen tighten up stand up 4 your girl 4 real cause if u wont sum1 else will i have a big crush on pooja but i wont disrespect u cause im a real man let alone a gangsta well this my update im out

Friday, April 23, 2004

4:23PM - lonely

Well whats good in the hood i need a girl i can c that but no matter newayz yo im just talking with no purpose but hear this flow:

yo baby girl when i first saw u i got hard and first choice was to spoil u now that u mine i gotta carry out the nine peeps got thoughts of rape some will carry out the crime thoughts of it circulate there mind having a one night special messing with a dime this flow is all fiction just a topic for a ryme but i hope one day my dream girl i will find a fight against the time.

if u dont understand its a flow read it slowly if u have 2 well im off holla at ya boy 1

p.s. I Love u Puja no offense sisqo

Thursday, April 22, 2004

6:36PM - Random test

How High Is Your Sex Drive?
Your Sex Drive Level Is.. - 54%
This QuickKwiz by eva71 - Taken 73278 Times.

How High Is Your Sex Drive?
Your Sex Drive Level Is.. - 54%
This QuickKwiz by eva71 - Taken 73278 Times.

5:30PM - Introducing myself

Now.... Im the black dude that chills at CF Knowns as Mike Now Im the coolest guy 2 no so holla at me when u need advice or anything right now im single girls so holla at me now 2 get on point im a rapper if yall didnt no!!!!!! if u can rapp let me no so i can hear u ok maybe we can collaberate k!!!!!! now im on LJ so things r brightning up so holla at me Im out 1

Current mood: horny